Tuesday, 11 November 2014


9:30 - 17:00 



9:45-10:25: E. Berg, "Contextual Organization of the Works of Albert Camus."

10:30-11:10: L. Richardson, "Camus's Prometheus: The Myth of Anti-Modernity."

11:10-11:30: Break

11:30-12:10: G. Heffernan, "Camus's Philosophy of the Absurd, Existentialism, and Philosophy of Existence: A Question of Vexed Connections."

12:10-12:50: Panel Discussion #1 (Q & A)

LUNCH: 12:50-13:50


13:50-14:30: M. Kaluza, "From Absurdity to Ethics: A Survey of Interpretations of Development of Camus's Thought and a Proposition of Analysis of the Notion of Absurd in Relation to the Concept of Memory."

14:40-15:20: K. Baltzer-Jaray, "Dark Authenticity: Being True to Yourself as Evil, Cruel, or Just a Giant Douchebag Asshole."

15:20-15:40: Break

15:40-16:20: Panel Discussion #2 (Q & A)

16:20-17:00: Clean-up



9:45-10:25: Z. Purdue, "'Phenomenological Ethics' Is Either a Misnomer or Wrong: On Sherman's Camus."

10:30-11:10: S. Lea, "Humiliation and Shame in the Literature of Camus."

11:10-11:30am: Break

11:30-12:10: T. Wellington-Smith, "'I wouldnt do it for nothin.' Camusian and Kierkegaardian Suicide in Cormac McCarthy's 'Suttree'."

12:10-12:50pm: Panel Discussion #1 (Q & A)

LUNCH: 12:50-13:50


13:50-14:30: G. Gaetani, "Camus, Christianity, and the Christian Critics: Chronicle of a Presumed Misunderstanding."

14:40-15:20: P. Francev, "Subtle Religious Symbolism in Camus's Novels 'The Stranger' and 'The Plague'."

15:20-15:40: Break

15:40-16:20: Panel Discussion #2 (Q & A)

16:20-17:00: 'Extra time'

17:00-17:30: Clean-up.

For more information and abstracts from each speaker visit the Camus Society website


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  2. Camus and Kafka, the deep writing (inner drama)
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